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Increase sales by setting up effective communication with your customers to guide the customer through the sales funnel from a regular site visitor and the first purchase to a loyal customer. 

Tools that will help you with this task:

  • chat
  • pop-ups
  • e-mail newsletter
  • sales triggers
  • analytics and reporting
  • eCRM

And all of them are available in just one service!

Let's take a closer look at the online service functionality:

  1. Automatically configured messages welcome the customer to their first visit and are returned later.
    • Triggers tuned to each segment of customers will do everything for you
    • Show how you care about the customer and your business will grow faster
    • Carrrot Service Description
  2. All communication channels in one place for the whole team:
    • Let customers write to you from any communication channel
    • Instruct an employee to solve problems in which he is a professional
    • Share the message to everyone who needs to be in the know
    • All channels in the mobile version
    • Admin backend of Carrrot
  3. Make decisions on the development of the company based on accurate data.
    • After the company, find out what was the most effective
    • Sales reports in Carrrot
  4. Look at the client's way to find weaknesses in communication, fix it and increase sales.
    • Popups in Carrrot
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of support. See how quickly the customer gets an answer to their questions.
    • Online chat in Carrrot
  6. All functionality of communications in one eCRM.
    • Segmentation in Carrrot
    • The service will remember each visitor and his interests, segments for further interaction

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